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Welcome to Blueshift®

What is Blueshift®?

Blueshift® is a platform to research and trade systematic investment strategies in Python. It is fast (real-time), flexible and reliable - anything you can code, it can run. It is asset-class and instruments agnostic - we support multiple asset classes and instruments like FX, Equities, Futures. It is also style-agnostic. Whether you use factor strategies, technical indicators or advanced machine-learning, it can do it all1. This makes developing complex (and simple) strategies easy, and moving a strategy from back-testing to live trading seamless.

What is it not?

While it can trade in real-time, Blueshift® is not meant for any kind of high-frequency trading (HFT). The core engines on Blueshift® are written in Python. Python is probably not a very suitable platform for HFT. We come from an HFT background and are not aware of any Python platform being used for HFT execution. Also, if this is news to you, then HFT is probably not what you need.

What can I do with it?

You can research your ideas2, backtest them, and take your strategies live with a broker of your choice on Blueshift®3. Blueshift® helps you turn your ideas in to trading strategies.

Is it free?

Yes! Research and backtesting on the platform are free. Live strategy deployment is also free for a limited period. This excludes any commissions and charges levied by your broker, trading venues or exchanges.

Who else has access to my strategies?

It is only you! Intellectual property rights on any user generated materials on Blueshift®, including strategies, are strictly with the creator (that is you). We are extremely serious about IP protection, because it is crucial for our success. Any strategies you develop on Blueshift® will never be shared with anyone within our organization or any third party whatsoever, unless you choose to do so explicitly, or we are required to do so by law or regulation.

Do we really need another trading platform?

There are quite a few desktop and web-based platforms out there. It is a bit too early for us to compare with all of them. Blueshift® is at a very nascent stage. There is a host of not-seen-anywhere features planned which we hope will make Blueshift® stand apart:

  • The core engine is asset class or instrument type agnostic, with simple, easy-to-understand APIs for fast development and real-time trading.
  • We bring minute-level high quality data free-of-cost across US and Indian equities markets and global FX. We plan to add more asset classes, geographies and types (read, fundamental data) of data.
  • We bring a unique feature of running multiple live algorithms on the same brokerage account, using virtual account4. No problem if your broker does not support sub-accounts. And those manual trades won't mess up algo reports.
  • Cannot code? Try out the visual programming

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Best place to start is to go right to the next section and run the example on the platform.

  1. At present we support a limited number of Pythonic machine learning modules. For a complete list of supported package see whitelist

  2. Upcoming features. 

  3. Available from the list of brokers enlisted on the platform. 

  4. Not available for all brokers.